Backstage Boot Camp

Are you ready to start your own Wood Sign Party Business, like yesterday?!! Maybe you’ve already been planning and learning all you can about the party business, but still a bit unsure as to the “how” to do it? You want simple information, not all the technical jargon, need some hands-on training, someone you can ask a quick question.

What if I told you that could be ready in as little as 6 Weeks to kick of your first party!

I’m Sharene Smith, my husband and I own Creative Wood Parties & Plum Craft Crazy!

We did our first paint party a little over four years ago and we were hooked!! We love the simplicity of them, I’m a huge Jo Jo (Joanna Gaines) fan and love anything rustic!! With that being said, it was not always sawdust and glitter for us! We had a bunch of kinks to work through and it would have been nice to have a go-to person that had already experienced some of the issues we had to plow through.

In our 6-week Boot Camp we teach everything you need to know to execute your first party

We’ll cover in six weeks a new topic each week- we provide you with videos you can re-watch over and over to get the technique down and take notes.

We go live at the beginning of the week to cover training and tools we are providing and we end the week with a live Q&A to answer any questions you may uncover as you go through the training.

In addition- I’ll provide you with some hand-outs that will become valuable tools as you go through the boot camp and beyond. Many of these tools I still use after four years!!

Not to mention you’ll have access to me and my husband in our Private Facebook group- this will enable you to ask us questions throughout your learning- maybe your standing at the lumber yard and have a question about wood… most of the time we are available to answer your question before you leave the store!!

  • Stenciling or hand lettering

    • What’s the difference?

    • Do I need to buy a cutter & how to choose one for yourself

    • Stencil materials- why I only use card stock for all my parties

  • Make your own signs or buy them pre-made

    • Workshop tools that you’ll need if your making your own

    • Wood Choices & where to purchase

    • How to build your first wood sign

  • Marketing Skills

    • How to fill your seats

    • Marketing Tools - business cards, flyers, pamplets… what do you REALLY need

    • Where to market your parties

  • Social Media

    • Setting up Facebook and Instagram business pages

    • Marketing on Social Media and setting up event posts

    • Determining when your marketing is working or you need to change it up

  • Mobility and Supplies

    • Pack all your supplies- how to transport your supplies and tools for the party

    • What supplies are necessary and how to keep costs down

    • Picking the best paint and paint colors

    • Displaying options at that party

  • At the Party

    • How to setup a mobile party

    • Executing the demonstration - this is not a canvas painting!

    • Teaching others in a group to stencil- and get great results

    • Marketing for your next party at THIS PARTY!!


Each week you’ll receive one new Wood Sign Design painting tutorial and Stencil (SVG format). At the end of the Boot Camp you’ll have six designs to offer your first paint party class.

Six Week Backstage Boot Camp starts April 14th- we close our cart Saturday, April 13th at midnight. Don’t miss this opportunity- it won’t re-open until September 2019.

Cost is $225.00

Sign up by April 11th and save $50.00!!!

Early-bird $175.00…that’s a savings of $50!!

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