Perfect Paint Color

Welcome back crafty friends!!

Lets talk about choosing the perfect paint color for your walls or for a project.

One of the hardest things about our paint parties is deciding on the “perfect” paint color. In fact, this is so difficult for most of our painters I’m trying to come with a clever way to display paint color choices and techniques.

Honestly I shouldn’t be surprised- I’m the same way. I wish Mr. PCC could build me three of each project, so I could create them in three different techniques or colors, then display them to fit my mood! LOL!

My decorating style can be describe as “there appears to have been a struggle!” I can honestly say, I love many different styles- my favorite tends to be Shabby Chic Boho… and yes, that IS a style.

shabby chic boho.jpg

I LOVE the colors, the big framed flowers on the wall and the comfort of the furniture. As you can see, there is so much color and texture this is why I have trouble choosing my project colors! But, my challenge comes more with selecting farmhouse colors and traditional colors- these are pretty, but not my style.

Here’s my thought on color…

When choosing your colors I recommend keep it neutral on the walls and ceiling- this allows you to add your color around that and change with seasons. I personally love grays for walls, not beige or cream. Gray has a bit of color- but everything goes with it!! This is one of my favorite grays…


If your not big on color- then add “pops” of color and change them with your mood, seasons or holidays. I love switching out my decorating to bring the seasons in. Throw pillows, lap blankets, home decor items…Wood signs (wink, wink)

When choosing colors at our wood sign parties I always remind painters to select the colors they have a passion for or that matches their home decor. I have seen some amazing sign colors and many times thought “why didn’t I think that color”!

By the way, our wood signs are a terrific way to dabble in some new color choices without the commitment…. just saying!!

Thanks for joining me!

Till next time …

this is Sharene- reminding you to Stay Crafty peeps!

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What's a Noodle Board?

If you follow my Facebook page or Instagram page you will see how much I love coming up with new and different projects. If you don't follow me, you really should!! 

Yes, I am a sign maker/painter... but seriously, how many signs can each person have in their homes! About a year ago, I started looking for other wood projects or projects that would look good in wood and are easily painted/stenciled in class.

This one happens to be one of my favorite new projects - they are called Noodle Boards, or you can find them under stove top covers. I'm pretty sure they were called noodle boards back when my grandmother rolled out noodles (which, by the way, I do roll out my own noodles too). That's for another post. 

This board is 21" X 31" and fits perfectly over my four burner gas stove. 

Noodle Board.jpg

If you google it up you'll see all kinds of examples- some with handles, with little feet and even with a board around three sides, I'm assuming to keep the flour from pushing off when your rolling out your noodles. 

I painted this with five colors in acrylic paint - turquoise, bright blue, dark gray, cream and khaki. I stenciled the floral image in dark gray & the words in cream.

Interested in a noodle board, reach out to me... we do custom pieces. If you live in Oklahoma, we offer these in our Wood Sign Painting Parties.