Day One Crafting

As the teacher walk-out continues this week I know you are ready to get your children off those electronics and doing something creative. As promised - here is Day 1 of suggested craftiness for your kids!! I've pulled together some easy crafty links that I'm hoping you have the supplies at home and don't even need to run to Hobby Lobby!!

The great news... It's National Unicorn Day, so this was super easy, because who doesn't love Unicorns!! 

Paper plate Unicorn

Unicorn Hand Puppets - you just need yarn and card stock or even a paper plate.

Ribbon Wands DIY 

For this craft I would use strips of plastic dollar store tables clothes... grab pink, purple and lime green from your local dollar store and cut into 1" strips, tie off just like the ribbon. Use a dollar store wood spoon or even a  tree branch.

Unicorn Coloring/Decorating Page

Unicorn Coloring Page

Poster or Painting Transfer

This one's for the older kids - use it and color with markers or transfer it onto a 8x10 canvas board. Simply take a pencil and color in the back of the paper - be sure you color over all the lines. Then lay it on your canvas, pencil side down  and trace the lines. It's ready to paint!!

Poster or Painting Transfer