Creative Wood Parties Inner Circle

Closed to new students until August 2018...

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We love wood signs! we discovered them about three years ago and started our own party business.

It's been a crazy ride learning the business- from wood selection, stencils, paints, marketing... OMG! The list is long and sometimes painful!!

We looked everywhere for information about hosting our own creative wood parties and finally through trial and error we found our niche!

Creative Wood Parties Inner Circle Monthly Subscription group is for anyone who is thinking of starting their own Wood Sign Party business or has started one and is still struggling! 

We kick off our new members with our Six-Week Boot Camp; it's like business training on steroids! We provide six modules for clear and concise information with how-to video's, LIVE Q&A's, and access to us in our private Facebook group.  This training goes beyond the 5-day Workshop, it drills down to the how-to with much help from us.

What happens after the six weeks? We continue to provide you with additional training each month that will help you and your business grow. Your beyond the basics now... but you'll still need guidance and training to keep your business moving. 

Here's what you get

  • Building your wood signs and the tools - yes, you can build your signs for less than $2.00 each! Learn how starting with selecting your wood...
  • Marketing your party business - sorry, no way around it! Even if  your an introvert you can build your party base. Social Media training- when to post, what to post, how to post...
  • Stenciling - there's an art to this and I will show you how to have perfect stencils EVERY time regardless of the stencil material.
  • Location - no store front, no problem. FREE is best.
  • Executing your event - this is key to long term clients and word of mouth marketing for your business. 
  • Follow-up and keeping it fresh- seriously, how many wood signs can one person have???

Can you start this business on your own? Sure you can, I did... but it wasn't easy!! I spent countless hours online looking for information, trying to find a perfect reservation system, should we buy or make our stencils, what's the best wood, do I need a website, etc. Then when I found answers I spent more hours learning to use them!!

Why spend time and money on things you aren't sure will work? Our system does work... we know it works, because we use it!!
This party starts on Monday, February 19th, the last day to sign up is Friday, February 23rd at midnight!! We won't re-open this party until August 2018! Don't miss this party bus!!

Cost: $39 per month
No contract, month-to-month, cancel anytime
As a bonus, you'll also receive membership in
the Project of the Month Club ($19.99 value) as
long as you remain a member of
Creative Wood Parties Inner Circle