project of the month club

A new idea each month!


Each month you are in the Project of the Month Club you'll receive
1. Access to our Private Facebook group
2. Supply list - we'll provide the list of recommended supplies. You'll be able to order them or pick up at your local craft/hardware store. 
3. Step by step video instruction - building your project and painting your project. Stencils will be provided if used in the project. 
4. Ask Questions- you'll be able to ask us any questions in the group about the project to get feedback from us. 

It's only $19.00 per month!!

No contract, month-to-month, cancel anytime

Project of the Month Club kicks off with a Valentines Couple project!!

           Yes! Sign me up!!

What this group is NOT

  • This is a painting group- not a business group! If you want more guidance for your business; marketing, how-to, building clientele, etc. GO HERE.

  • This is not a group promoting one brand of paint or tools. You will not be sold to or encouraged to use one brand of tools. 
  • This is a simply a community that loves wood signs, wants to learn new techniques or offer new items to their already growing party business.