We have numerous rustic wood project to choose from.  Each of our signs are handmade by us in our workshop when you order or reserve your seat. No two projects are exactly alike and each project is made as a pallet project with the exception of our framed wood signs. 

Each stencil is created in our studio when you reserve your seat or order your sign- this enables us to provide you with custom stencils for family names, children, etc. For this reason we ask you to reserve your seat in advance so we can better serve you.

Custom stencils are any stencils that we don't have pre-cut and ready for use. We are happy to cut something special for you, but, require advanced notice of five days and cost starts at an additional $3. Cost is based on complexity of the design. 

Rustic Wood Signs

10" x 10"  or 10" x 14"   $25.00

14"x 14" or 14" x 21"     $35.00

Our pallet signs are rustic and full of character - each sign is unique and paint or our faux stain will bring out the wood grain, imperfections and character of each sign. 

Wood Sign Shapes $40.00

Choose from several different shapes Oklahoma, Mason Jar, Flip Flop, Bunny, pumpkin and Pineapple. These are also rustic pallet signs and will have imperfections and each will be unique. 

Lazy Susans 14"  $45.00

Our Lazy Susans are handmade in our studio and are approximately 14" in diameter. They include the metal spinner attachment. This event can take a bit longer- most people choose to paint the front and the backside of their lazy susan

Framed Wood Signs $45.00

18" x 21"

We call these our "Fancy" wood signs - they are not a pallet sign, but a smooth well-sanded sign ready for stenciling. However, you'll love the wood grain that pops out when you apply your faux stain, paint or other techniques.


Rustic Wood Trays $45.00

14"x 21"

These rustic wood trays can be personalized with family names, initials or even your favorite quote! All come with the same rustic handles- you are welcome to bring your own handles if you would like a different choice.